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I don’t normally share negative feelings about things, but something happened over the weekend that has been bothering me so I am going to try and figure it out in writing.

I’ve been a geek girl for a some time now…let’s see, I guess approximately 36 years or so? Most people know how much Star…

What happened to you, happened to me as well. It really, really, sucks.Hang in there. You’re loved. xoxoxo.

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#WeNeedDiverseBooks because:
88% of the books on the 2013 Publisher’s Weekly YA Bestsellers were about white protagonists
91% of the authors on the 2013 New York Times’s Bestseller Lists for YA and Children’s Lit were white authors. 
According to the 2012 Cooperative Children’s Book Center, only 3.3% of books were about African-American protagonists; only 2.1% were about Asian and Pacific Islander protagonists; only 1.5% were about Latinx protagonists; and only 0.6% were about Native American protagonists. That means over 90% of children’s books surveyed were about white protagonists.
Source: Upworthy

Oh, How Pinteresting!: Our New Look: More Ways to Discover What You Love



In January, we asked a small group of pinners to test a new look designed to make discovering things on Pinterest easier. Since then, we’ve talked to some of these folks, analyzed their feedback, and made a few changes.

Today, we’re thrilled to start sharing the new look with everyone. You…

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